Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It Begins.

     My month-long trip to Greece is coming up next week and I'm finally beginning to feel that buzz I get before traveling. I'm not as crazed as I was before my trip to Paris two summers ago, but the last couple of small trips I went on didn't have me excited until they began, so I'm thinking this will be the same. 
     I've been researching photographers who've documented Greece and came across Herbert List by accident. I went to the "Photo Eye" show at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston a few weeks back and one of List's pieces entitled Octopus and Chairs, Korfu, 1938 caught my eye. Having Greece on the brain, I was intrigued, researched him further, and now I'm sitting here pouring over the Herbert List Monograph I checked out from the library. 
     While my own photographic style is somewhat defined, I want to use this trip to really push myself to broaden my view and hone my craft. I want to come home with a truly defining body of work, something I'll be proud to show. (One might ask why I'll be taking off to New York when I return to begin an internship doing fashion photo if my passion really lies in travel photography, but the goal is to be versatile. Yes, I have an insatiable need to travel, but it's hard to make a living that way.) 
     I'm also excited to gain a better understanding of my heritage; to see how Greek I really am.

Herbert List Octopus and Chairs, Korfu, 1938